"Perfect" Weather

Blazer: Uniqlo, Shirt: Brooks Brothers, Pants/sunglasses: H&M, Shoes: Allen Edmonds, Watch: Orient, Tie: Vintage

Hi everyone! To my fellow Londoners, I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather we had this week. For me the weather was "perfect". It was warm enough not to feel cold but breezy enough that I didn't build up a sweat when walking. Unfortunately it looks like next week will be cool and chilly again.

 I actually didn't think it would be warm enough to wear my hounds tooth linen blazer by itself. I was pleasantly surprised by the opposite. I really like pure linen blazers despite the creasing problem. For me they compensate for the lack of detail and colour you get from layering. The creases just add to the character of an outfit and give the garment a sense of movement. When an outfit is well put together, the creases all give off that air of nonchalance or sprezzatura.

I decided to bring some colour and contrast to the outfit with my maroon dress pants, tan derbies,  yellow pocket square and blue knit tie.

Hopefully we get a few more days of "perfect" weather this month!


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