Style City

Individual style can be influenced by many things:
the kind of movies you watch, the music you listen to and the people you hang out with.
The the thing that has the most influence though is the place you live.

Before moving to London I was actually Sydney based.
I dressed the same way I do now but didn’t quite feel at ease in public as I could be.
It can be a bit unnerving to wear a panama hat with pastel coloured trousers and jackets when everyone around you wears black suits or shorts, T-shirts and flip flops.
People will stare and ask where you are going to just out of curiosity.

That has all changed now that I’ve moved to London.
I no longer stand out as much as I used to and actually kind of fit in.

had I stayed in Sydney for a longer period, I might have eventually toned down my style.
It might not have been intentional but more subconscious as choose less colourful items.
The menswear stores in Sydney are also limited and targeted at the more toned down market.
For the most part I had to resort to buying clothes from overseas.
Now that I am in London, I have a wealth of stores to choose from and the freedom to adapt an even more London/European influenced style.

Out of curiosity I wanted to see what style city I fit in.
I found a cool widget by Far Fetch and answered a few questions.
So what city did I get... New York!
Maybe New York is my next destination? Only time will tell.

What city are you based in and what result did you get, do you agree with the results?
Be sure to leave the answer in the comments section.
I look forward to your answers!


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