Suit Supply

Blazer: Suit Supply, Shirt: Herringbone Sydney, Chinos: Incotex, Shoes: Allen Edmonds, Sunglasses: Oscar Wylee, Watch: Orient Star

I discovered Suit Supply from blogs I follow and the usual forums like Ask Andy and Styleforum. 
I was intrigued by their business model of selling high quality products at an affordable price.
Unfortunately since I used to be based in Sydney, I did not really have a shop that I could visit.
 I could not justify purchasing something full price without at least trying an item on first.

My curiosity eventually got the best of me when I was tempted by their US online outlet.
I know some of you are thinking "Hang on, you just mentioned you were based in Sydney. How were you able to purchase from the Suit Supply online Outlet store?" The answer to that question is called a Ship Forwarder called Shipito, but that is a story for another time.

I purchased a brown cotton and green linen Copenhagen blazer.
Here is a link to a previous post when I wore the brown cotton Copenhagen Blazer.
Luckily my gamble paid off and the items fit me decently off the rack.

I have been hooked to Suit Supply every since.
They always have interesting patterns and fabrics and they aren't too trendy either. 
They also happen to fit me of the peg. I don't even have to shorten the sleeves.
I'm just glad that now the closest Suit Supply is only a bus ride away.

For this post I'm wearing the SOHO Purple Plain Double Breasted Blazer
I wore the blazer with a blue linen Gingham shirt and cream Chinos.
I also wore my tan Allen Edmonds derbies for a bit of contrast.


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