Casual Sunday

Hat: Laird Hats, Overcoat, Cardigan: Uniqlo, Shirt:Brooks Brothers, Chinos: GAP, Boots: Crockett and Jones

Hi everyone!
Knowing typical UK weather, I wanted to be ready for whatever weather I was faced with. The solution of course was effective layering.

For this outfit I wanted to keep things simple and practical.
I kept the outfit casual by going for a cardigan layered over a classic white OCBD (Oxford cloth button down) and a pair of corduroy trousers.
For outerwear I went with a simple, versatile and always dependable navy topcoat. The outfit by itself felt a bit monochrome so I opted for a red scarf for a bit of colour. The hat gives me shade from both the sun and rain and adds a bit of colour as well.

The beauty of layering is that if it got colder, I could close the overcoat and wrap the scarf around my neck for extra warmth. I even have
Now if the weather got warmer, I could always fold my scarf and remove my cardigan. As for the crushable hat, it can be rolled up and stored away.


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