Accessories for the Modern Man Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Accessories for the modern man.
A gentleman has never really been known for his adornment of jewellery.
A gentleman’s accessories were always simple and functional.
If you haven’t yet, be sure to check Part 1 of Accessories of the modern man.

This post will consist of the more common accessories but might include some that are not.


One of the most common accessories known to the general public is of course the cufflink. The cufflink is designed for a shirt that has buttonholes on both sides instead of buttons.

Cufflinks can be made out of different materials including glass, leather or more commonly metal and precious metals. Cufflinks can also be purchased in silk if a more casual appearance is preferred.


Not to be confused with a collar bar or collar clip, these accessories are designed to keep the tie from flapping around in the wind. They come in varying lengths and motives to suit every mood and personality. The front and back part of the tie is clipped to the shirt placket. Like most people, I prefer the tie bar. The tie bar does not have a clip and there is less risk of the tie snagging.

* Quick Tip: If you don't have a tie clip of tie bar or your tie is too long, tie your tie knot with a tail that is longer than the front. Put the tail through the tie loop and tuck it in the front of your trousers. This will limit the movement of the front tie blade.


The tie pin is not as common as the tie clip or tie bar but it pretty much serves the same purpose. Rather than clipping the tie to the shirt, a pin is put through the tie and the bar part of the pin or tack is put through a shirt buttonhole.The tie pin or tie tack is more subtle than a tie clip as the pin can actually disappear in the design of the tie.


Not to be confused with a tie bar or tie clip. As the name implies, it is a piece of jewellery that holds the two ends of the collar together and passes under the tie.
It keeps the collar in place and lifts up the tie knot to create a more visually pleasing arch to the necktie. As same effect can be gained from using a tabbed collar shirt.

The collar bar requires eyelets in the shirt. I exclusively wear shirts with collar eyelets with a tie and collar bar since it can look a bit awkward otherwise.

The collar pin and collar clip do not require there to be eyelets in the collar. The collar pin looks very similar to a safety pin and literally pins the collars together.
The only downside is that the pin can leave a pinhole mark on the collar. This mark most of the time disappears after washing but this can be dependent on the shirt fabric and quality.

A collar clip is a piece of jewellery with two clip ends that clip to the collar. The only downside is that clips of lesser quality will shift throughout the day and can completely unclip from the collars.


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