Pitti Uomo Day 1: Borsalino

For me a Borsalino was my grail hat and I still consider it one of my most prized possessions. They are not cheap but they are definitely worth it. When I planned my first holiday to Florence, Italy, I knew that I absolutely had to purchase a Borsalino Hat. Prior to my visit I even did a quick search on Google maps to make sure that if I was anywhere near a Borsalino shop that I would know. Luckily enough there was a Borsalino shop in Florence.

Standing in front of the Borsalino shop in Florence with me newly Purchased Borsalino Hat.

I was happy to see that Borsalino was one of the exhibitors at Pitti Uomo. According to Borsalino the new "Autumn-Winter 2017-2018 
collection is a hymn to freedom: freedom of expression, of mixing styles, of using colour and details to communicate.
Creased Ribbon

Besides the wide colour range of hats, Borsalino has also gotten a bit creative with their ribbons. now the ribbon is available in a variety of materials ranging from exotic leather to wool, silk, and even a creased or faded ribbon.

They have also continued with their collaboration with Nick Fouquet, the Californian designer. Their new Capsule collection was inspired by the 1970s movie titled Borsalino.


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