Pitti Uomo 91 : THE GIGI

another brand that caught my eye was THE GIGI.
The Gigi was founded by Pierluigi “Gigi” and Mario Boglioli.
If their surname rings a bell its because Mario and his father actually founded the Boglioli factory in 1972.

Gigi recognised that conservative tailoring needed to evolve and he introduced deconstructed jackets with no canvasing, shoulder padding and linings.
This made the jackets more comfortable and even changed the attitude of the wearer.

In 1999 Gigi introduced garment washing and dyeing techniques regardless if the material was very expensive cashmere. In 2012, Mario and Gigi sold their interest in the family tailoring company and embarked on their new venture.

Both brothers founded THE GIGI and continue to innovate.
Gigi’s own Mantra is “don’t look back” is stitched into each of his designs.

for Fall/WInter 2017 Gigi had his eyes on modernising English inspired garments. The collection features Glen Checks, Knickerbocker, Houndstooth and herringbone patterns in timeless colours like camel,sage, navy and grey.

English fabrics are usually associated with being heavy to wear and scratchy but it is the complete opposite for this collection.
Gigi has created fabrics that are light and comfortable to the touch.

I usually touch garments when I shop around and I have developed a way of identifying how a garments feels just from appearance alone. The collection caught my senses off guard. I would approach a tweed looking jacket expecting it to be thick and scratchy only to be surprised by its softness and lightness.

I look forward to seeing what else Gigi comes up with in the future.


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