Pitti Uomo 91: day 3 outfit

Coat/Scarf: Burberry, blazer: Vintage, Turtleneck: HE by Mango, Shirt: Herringbone Sydney, Trousers: Gagliardi, Shoes: Lacoste, Gloves: Sermoneta, Hat: Borsalino, Socks: Laon Socks

Day 3 of Pitti Uomo is generally a bit more relaxed and laid back.
There are still people around but it is not as intense.
This makes for an overall more relaxed environment.

Day 3 was even colder than day 2 so layering was required for this outfit.
for this outfit I actually started from the shoes up.

I decided to wear my white Lacoste sneakers and wanted to wear trousers that are a bit warmer than my usual jeans. I opted for my navy moleskin trousers instead. It is a pity that not more mainstream brands do moleskin trousers. They are incredible warm and soft during the winter.
I also wanted to keep my Neck warm with a navy Turtle Neck. this posed a bit of a problem as now both my trousers and knitwear were too close in colour. I broke the colour up with my vintage Double Breasted Blazer and popped the collar of the red shirt I was wearing under the turtle neck.
The orange Casentino coat kept the outfit from looking too chromatic.

You can always look at nature if you need a bit of inspiration.
The fall season is particularly inspiring when it comes to colours and colour matching.
This is the exact reason why the green scarf and hat goes so well with the orange coat.
It is reminiscent of the orange leaves falling off the trees in a forest of green.


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