Venezia: Outfit

Topcoat: Burberry, Trousers/Shirt: Pinzani. Cardigan: Gutteridge, Tie: Vintage YSL, Shoes, Crockett and Jones, Hat: Christys' London

People generally think of Venice as a city packed with tourists.
This is not completely a lie as the majority of the people you see will be tourists. That said there are ways around the crowd, in my case it was visiting during the colder off season months. It also happened to be the start of Carnivale. (Stay tuned for my Carnivale opening ceremony coverage)

The trip to Venice was only for the weekend so effective layering was required to minimise bringing too much clothing. (hint* don’t bring heavy and large suitcases to Venice. The only effective way around will be via water taxi as there plenty of bridges with stairs.
Effective and versatile layers generally are neutral in colour and pattern.This allows the wearer to layer garments without much thought.

This outfit is a combination of muted colours and patterns.
The only bright and colourful parts of this outfit are the white Shirt, Tie and hat. This helps draw the eyes to the face

The glen plaid of the trousers, blackwatch of the cardigan and houndstooth of the Top coat allows the eye to fixate on something within the darker tones. Without the patterns the outfit would probably feel flat and uninspiring.

In terms of the colour, it seems Venice inspired me more than I anticipated. It is only after the photoshoot that i realised the green, brown and red combination is reminiscent of the bright (in this case red) coloured houses surrounding the canals.

I also of course had to take a photo with a mask in the spirit of Carnivale!


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