Pitti Uomo Day 3: Outfit

Hat: Custom Panama Hat, Sunglasses: Ray-ban, Jacket: Burberry, Shirt/Belt: Herringbone Sydney, Tie: L'Arte Della Cravatta, Pocket Square: Gagliardi, Trousers: Suit Supply, Shoes: Crockett and Jones

Out of all the days at Pitti Uomo, I tend to enjoy day 1 and day 3 the most. these are the days when its not too busy or too quiet. These are the days you can talk to people and not feel like you are interrupting their busy and hectic schedule.
This is also generally when exhibitors are not busy with appointments and are more welcoming to non-buyers.

I have always been on the lookout for grenadine ties that are good quality but don’t break the bank. This is not only because I am currently unemployed and studying but also so I don’t feel gutted when my tie eventually snags on something so mundane like my fingernails. I was lucky enough to find L'Arte Della Cravatta that offered bespoke grenadine ties on Instagram.

I wore the navy grenadine tie as it matched the navy of my hat ribbon and the weave belt. I generally like to pair anything navy with red so I wore fine red candy stripe seersucker trousers. I kept the jacket and shirt simple to highlight the texture of the tie and to let the trousers stand out. Given the colour palette was light pastel, i opted to wear my whisky cordovan Harvard loafers.

The Jacket I am wearing is the fully unlined linen Burberry jacket I wore in the previous post Effective Summer Layering.


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