Pitti Uomo 92: Ring Jacket

It would be impossible for me to cover all the brands I saw during Pitti Uomo 92.
I will instead focus on the brands that caught my attention.

The first brand I want to share is Ring Jacket from Japan. I visited the booth during Pitti Uomo  91 as well but unfortunately I was not able to meet Sasamoto-san personally. This time I had better luck.
Finally meeting Sasamoto-san from Ring Jacket
Japan has a standard of quality above anyone else. If you produce a product and it passes Japan’s standard of quality then you will be fine anywhere else in the world. This even shows with their second hand and vintage items. A “Near mint” item might translate to a “fair” condition in Japan.

It is this particular attention to quality and detail that has always interested me about Japanese made items. This same attention to detail and quality is visible in the garments that Ring Jacket produces. The jackets are beautifully tailored using Japanese fabrics specifically made for Ring Jacket. One of the jackets that straight away caught my attention was the Balloon Seersucker jacket. Sasamoto-san explained how cotton seersucker does not always drape as nicely and that the new seersucker fabric was actually made out of wool.

Seersucker wool Balloon Jacket.

Close up of the wool Seersucker
For those of you interested with how Ring Jackets fit, I generally wear 34US or 44EU with Suit Supply. With other brands i generally wear 36US /46EU if the fitting is quite slim. To be even more specific, my optimal shoulder to shoulder fitting for jackets is around 16.5 inches or around 42cm. The Balloon Ring jacket fits me perfectly in their size 48.


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